Personality adjectives:

Please choose your three kinds of personality adjectives:

Ambitious: People want to be successful in life.

Affectionate: People understand other people´s feelings or are easily hurt or offended.

Agresive: People get angry quickly and like fighting and arguing.

Competitive: People always want to win.

Insecure: People don´t trus in themselves (oposite: self-confident)

Impatient: (oposite of patient)

Independent: People like doing things in their own, without help.

Jealous: People think that someone loves another person more than them.

Moody: People are happy one minute and sad next, are often bad-tempered.

Reliable: People you can trust or depend on.

Sensible: People have common sense and are practical.

Sensitive: People show that they love or like people very much.

Selfish: People think about themselves and not about other people.

Talkative: People are friendly and enjoy talking and being with other people.

Now a game
Write down the first three adjectives of personality that you can remember from de list:

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  2. .
  3. .



  1. El primer tipo de personalidad que elegiste es lo que crees que sos.
  2. El segundo es como te ven los demás.
  3. Y el tercero es lo que realmente sos.