Today I´ve downloaded the Chainsaw Texas Massacre (the remake of 2004) and looking for information about the real story behind this movie series, i founded a page really interesting:

it has got many things about serial killers and spooky real stories; searching about Argentinian stories i´ve realized that when you read many things about sects, daemons and freaks religions we starting to believe that the world is a real shit, and NO it´s not !, you start to feeling that the diablo is giving little beats in your windows this night, but NOT there is nobody outside!. It´s amazing how easy is manipulate the reality (and by your self), don’t´t worry how much times somebody had predicted the end of the world.. if some fucking evangelist tell us again we start to believe, (may be that is the real one !) … and NOT !…

Baphonet for example it is a sign with many meanings, it´s used by many religions in fact (Who had redden the “Da Vinci Code” learn that almost everything in religions is only manipulation and Baphonet is a manipulation of the Venus symbol, the LOVE goddess)

Everything we create (including symbols and signs) we made because our kindness, admiration (our evil side doesn´t have inspiration, it only can copy and to stain things)

Well, i got off track !

i´m more than atheist, anti-theist!

And yes i really like to feel irrational fears yet