What is talent?
What is memory?
What is intelligence?First of all, i´m not talented and i haven´t got a good memory.

I always thought that intelligence was very connected to memory. Not only as a source of data but how good are you “remembering” that data. In fact i think that the whole brain is very connected between its different functions and that every change in every sector has to do with our final decisions.

Reading about many intelligent and talented people i realized that they have that in common, usually the smart people are very good remembering things and combining that data with their imagination.

But one day someone told me – I think that a genius is someone that has talent.-

So, What makes talented to a Man?
I think that once again, his memory.

But i think that memory is connected to feelings. That memory works as a “memory printer” and that the “ink” is our feelings, the more feelings the event has in the exact moment that it happens is going to affect our impression and consequently our memory of that event (data).

Once again, as the years pass we´ll lose more and more of that “ink” and we´ll keep only our best and worst memories. The moments where we were more surprised, sad, happy, etc.
(Maybe that is the reason why women are better than men at memorizing things, because they tend to mystify the most ordinary facts)

But, obviously having a good memory is not enough to make a talented person.
You need the tools to combine all that info in your brain.

One of the most common mistakes about humanity is to think that we are born already having a personality (evil, good, quiet, anxious)
My point of view is that we are like all the others animals and no more than that, we have “tendencies to”, like the many races of dogs made by nature (genetic) or by humans to be in some explicit way. (hunters, runners, friendly, etc)

So, can we “make” a human race with tendencies to be “sociable and good with people” (like when someone is looking for “a pet for the children”) and i´m pretty sure that the answer is YES.

This is not my idea, in fact one man made an controversial experiment in the 80s.

His name is Laszlo Polgar and his conclusion was that all geniuses always start to study and become specialists in their areas from childhood. And for that reason schools make us mediocre.

His experiment was about “how to make a genius” and his plan was to teach someone something to be the best in the world in that subject.

He had three daughters and decided to teach them chess from a very early age, this game was chosen because it is an art, a science and a competition that is measurable.

The three girls were the best chess players in the world and one of them, Judith, is the better, even than “Bobby” Fischer and Kasparov and at only 15 years old.

But what about memory ?

I know that i´m really good at remembering things about technology, films, art and very bad with faces, names and all the socials stuff.

So, must i be very interested in a particular profession to be a genius in that vocation?
The be obsessed maybe?
Obsession make us think of something continuously although we don’t notice it at all.
We combine all the sounds, images, tastes and smells from the world with our own obsessions and knowledge.

Einstein said:

“Information is not knowledge because the only source of knowledge is experience but that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. “

I won´t argue with Einstein (although perhaps i could kick his ass in Kung Fu) but i think that the imagination is born in the memory.